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Posted on: September 16, 2008

Every woman needs time.  Time to escape from everyone and everything except girlfriends.   A time to be accountable for one person – yourself.   A time to stay up way too late.  A time to sleep in – a little.  A time to play in the ocean like a kid again.  A time to laugh hysterically – until you think you’re going to wet your pants OR go into labor!  A time to bond with other like minded women.  A time to realize our differences and embrace them.  A time to have no schedule.  A time to have “no holds barred” conversations.  A time to contemplate tattoos!  A time to eat too many Britt’s doughnuts.  A time with no television – except to check the weather.  A time to recognize each other’s unique qualities.  A time to really appreciate those qualities.  A time to enjoy the sisterhood of women. 

I had a really, really good time.  Sometime soon, take some time for yourself…and a few really. GREAT. women.


3 Responses to "Time"

Good Times!!! Love you all- Het

Thank you so much, Teri, for making the whole trip possible. It was sooo much fun, and just what I needed.
love ya, Chels

just popping over to see this picture this morning and reflecting on what could have been, but knowing we are all where we should be!!!

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